Thursday, March 25, 2010

mikkey b.

if this reference is beyond you, you might get some help from checking out the variant below....

(adorable bug designed and drawn by ben zmith, painted by me in SAI)

...i love motorhead SO much. in fact, as i'm writing this i can look up at my bookshelf and see the towel that mikkey dee gave me after a show at first ave. in minneapolis, which lemmy then signed.... while we talked about kamikazes. really. easily one of the  best memories of my boring existence.

for the record, mikkey dee actually IS this happy about life. here's a great video of Sacrifice, live, with the best drum solo by the best drummer to have walked the earth.

...and it just occurred to me that it may seem a titch bit incongruent, adorable bugs and motorhead....

 nah. ;)


Candy said...

I really love the bugs. They are so genuinely happy. It makes me happy to look at them :)

Sara said...

they make me happy too! i think zmith gets most of the credit where the happy is concerned. as you may have noticed, left to my own devices, stuff gets pretty depressing. :)

Sitha said...

Best drummer bug ever???

(I took the second image to be the bug under close inspection with a magnifying glass.)