Wednesday, March 24, 2010


for candy, because it's all her fault that i've had that dumb song stuck in my head for almost a week now!

...secondarily for myself, because my whole life is a masked-ball puppet-show on mescaline.



zmith said...

Mescalito could beat up the Phantom of the Opera. Write a paper about that.

Sara said...

i dunno about that. the phantom is a master torturer. he's basically sayid... with less of a conscience, more training, and a fucked up face.

String said...

Ohhh I like that, am a huge mask fan!

Candy said...

whee! I feel special.

I really like the colors in this.

Someone told me once that they could get anything out of their head by singing it with a southern drawl/twang. Doesn't work for me, though.

Oy said...

i suddenly require a pastel polo shirt.

Sitha said...

Sherbet colors are good colors, and I heartily approve of that orange :)