Thursday, December 22, 2011

battle with the odalisque

i love david foster wallace's 'infinite jest.' one of my favourite parts is the description of the film about medusa fighting the odalisque, where a whole theater of people are slowly turned into stone or gems because they have the misfortune of watching this fight take place.

i wanted to depict what a classical fight (perseus vs medusa) would look like if the perseus in question was fighting wallace's odalisque instead. and losing.


purplybunny said...

loving the artwork :) my 365 died a dramatic death! so am gonna do the 52 week project for photography and drawing starting in 2012.

have streamlined my blog that you have listed. the blog for the 52 week project will be: good luck with your projects *huggs* xxx

zmith said...

Stupid Perseus. Glad to see him get what he's got coming to him.