Thursday, March 17, 2011

thoughts like wrens

i was listening to radiolab yesterday, and in the episode i was listening to they were discussing creativity and how one can talk to the creative part of one's brain, as though negotiating with a muse. considering the crushing weight of prelims, and how absolutely terrifying they are (wrought with all sorts of fears about not being smart enough, not being able to retain all this information, not being able to connect all these concepts) i decided i should engage in a little of this negotiation. so, i'm going to do some portraits of what prelims feel like. what all the information i'm busing cramming into my brain might look like, if it sat down for a modeling session. these drawings will be part of a series i'm labeling "prelim." in the future (when i have a home large enough to accommodate a room that is not my living room/bedroom/all-rooms-in-one) i'll try to do some paintings that exist in space. in the world. we'll see if it helps.


Candy said...

Do you remember the title of the episode? Trying to find it but I seem to only be kissing frogs.

Sara said...

it's the latest episode: help! the "me myself and muse" section.