Sunday, February 13, 2011

killer scissors 2: snippers back in action

my subconscious evidently really digs the idea of stabbing folks with scissors. freud would have a goddamn heyday with that. it doesn't make much sense. the weaponry i have on hand includes knives, utility blades, a steel baton, a HATCHET.... what's with scissors?'s the original killer scissors.


purply bunny said...

cool :) scissors are good for stabby stabby though :) & of course you can literally cut people up with them :)

James said...

Awesome! I like how the scissors killer emerges from the darkness.

Sitha said...

^ ditto on that, and the little wispy hairs look good, too!

Ah, yeah, choosing scissors while there are other, probably more effective objects nearby is kind of baffling lol