Friday, December 10, 2010

we've got a bright future, america!

this was said... BY A GIRL.... sexism, it's for everybody!

this gem was spouted by some 19 yr old trying to explain why people are still sexist. for humor factor, note that the above was said in the SAME CLASS.

girls talking about some movie on the bus. *sigh*

this one needs good background info for you to understand the humor/horror. in my social psychology class we've been learning about the milgram experiments. look 'em up. the short version is that he led people to believe they were shocking someone and 65% of people pumped, what they believed to be, 450 volts into some poor bastard because a guy in a lab coat told them to. one of the critiques of the milgram experiment was that maybe the participants didn't think they were actually hurting someone. so they did the same experiment... except with puppies. they had people shock puppies. seriously. and they did it (women in that study shocked the puppy at up to 450 volts 100% of the time). the girl who uttered the above sits behind me in every class. this was her response to the puppy study. she did not, however, have that reaction to discussions about the my lai massacre, the abu ghraib prison scandal, or the milgram experiments in general. *double sigh*

(i was told it might not be clear, so to clarify: in the first milgram study, with people, no one was ACTUALLY SHOCKED. in the puppy study... puppies were ACTUALLY SHOCKED)


purply bunny said...

i don't get this cause i do long distance study occassionally i do have tutorials though.

Sitha said...

People are sadists, what can I say... I don't understand the puppy statistics, though - it seems this seriously undermines the validity of the "puppy-dog eyes" survival factor, in general...?
That would explain her response, though... cute things are far easier to feel compassion for, unfortunately.
UGH PEOPLE. We're confusing, and we suck.

Sara said...

yeah... sadists and morons. it's a sad state.

Oy said...

Puppies: they're what's for dinner!