Monday, December 6, 2010

the ferryman

a friend of mine is working on a game. i say "working on" because it's always being improved, but the game itself exists and is playable. i played it just the other night and it was AWESOMELY fun. imagine you merged D&D with Magic, mixed in a little table-toppy WoW, and had a LOT of dice. that almost gets you there.

the point of explaining all of that is to say, i'm going to work on some illustrations for this game. at the moment there are about 300 cards to draw but that does not deter me! this is the first of them. i'll be labeling them in the posts as "game" so you know that i did not think this image up. ...okay, i thought up the IMAGE, but the idea of the image, as in the case of the ferryman, was not mine.

hopefully some day in the future you too can play the game! till then you can look at the card illustrations and contemplate how truly awesome that day will be!


purply bunny said...

"don't pay the ferryman, don't pay him till he gets you to the other side"

very dark, mysterious, spooky.

i loves it!!! :D

David Branstetter said...