Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the new stone

for the past few years i've always carried a worry-stone in my pocket. it was a clear, crystal stone and served me well, considering my general levels of stress, worry, and anxiety.

last weekend i broke it. which was sad, but considering how delicate it was and the amount of time it had to spend with me, it's a miracle it lasted this long.

anyway. i just bought a replacement stone. it's fluorite... and it's shiiiiiiiny. :)


purply bunny said...

oooh it's lovely & purdy!! & i like shiney too!!

may it serve you long like your last stone :)

Sara said...

thanks! shiny is the best!

purply bunny said...

of course it is!! :D

purply bunny said...

i got a new stone too! hop over sometime and see it :)