Thursday, April 22, 2010

the new journal

i'm one of those nerds that keeps a journal. i have done this for the last 13 years, writing pretty much every day. i think of it as a necessity for my sanity, but at this point it probably qualifies as an addiction. i also like to amp up the nerdness of my journal writing by binding my own books. right now i'm working on binding journal #17, which is going to be a set of 4 books in a case. they're pretty small, compared to my last few journals... #15 had pages that were 12x9 inches. this is also the first set of books i'm binding in paper covers, with a whole new binding technique. it's not hard, after years of figuring out how to make books, but it sure is tedious.


Sitha said...

@ thought bobble: Nooooooo don't buy one lol
Power through it! Onward, book nerds!

Sara said...

heh. the pages are ready, i just have to prep a new cover at the new dimensions. it's easy to get slackery about precise measurements when you're dealing with paper instead of leather or glass. the pressure to do it right the first time is just a weeee bit smaller. ;)