Sunday, April 11, 2010

ho! pirates!

(bugs designed and drawn by ben zmith, painted by me in sai)

for my part, this is dedicated to sterling. who loves pirates and galleons. ... then again, who doesn't??


Zmith said...

If I could have ever imagined something this tremendous, I'd have collapsed under the pressure.

Sara said...

hahah!! thanks! though i don't want to encourage any collapsing.

Sitha said...

"Yarrrr, matey!"

But wait, being such adorable bugs, is rough Pirate speech even within their capability?? >_<

Candy said...

I just caught up, I've been absent here for a few days.

I especially like the blue one in the lookout. Reminds me of how excited dogs are to have their heads hang out the window of a car. Such unadulterated pleasure.

Sara said...

sith: i think it is, they just say it a lot higher pitched... which makes me laugh just thinking about it.

candy: that's EXACTLY what i was thinking of! i almost had an accident the other day because i was driving behind a car with the happiest puppy of all time, hangin' his head out the window with a big slobbery smile on his face.