Wednesday, March 10, 2010


omigosh, it's a 365 first: a drawing done with actual physical materials! in fact, it's pencil on the back of a note card. i drew this while sitting on the floor, waiting (along with everyone else in the class) to go into the lecture hall and take the exam. a vague point of interest, the other side of the card lists all the dissociative disorders, their prevalence, and gender ratio. thrilling, eh? it was a GREAT exam.


Sitha said...

What, what's that - real media?

And on an up note, it's SPRING. YEAAH.

Sara said...

i do not think that word means... what you think it means...


shocking, right?! i had to do something other than freak out about failing a test. heh.

Anonymous said...

I failed more tests than I passed, if that makes you feel better. Also: I barely graduated High School.