Saturday, March 13, 2010

the knight

i have a whole boat-load of over-literary crap to say about this. and i'm gonna keep it to myself so as not to crush the mindless cuteness. :)

(bug designed and drawn by ben zmith, painted by me in SAI)


String said...

I wondered what happened to my buttons!

Sitha said...

You guys put together the bestest, cutest things ever???
Adorable, yep yep!

Mr. Zmith where is your sketch blog - I will stalk it with much glee! >:D

zmith said...

This knight makes me smile.

Candy said...

I love these bugs. They are all so happy :)

Anonymous said...

The cute! These are fun. :)

- Monica

Aaron said...

thats almost into "overload" territory on the cute scale!