Sunday, March 7, 2010


sometimes i just want to make up armor. dunno why. i am constantly aware that my upbringing on VERY BAD image comics has made me prone to drawing things that don't make sense. space? sure. armor? why not? helmet? good god no! it would obscure the hair! ...damn image...


Zmith said...

I see you finally got that Youngblood membership! I don't know how they accepted you with those tiny, tiny shoulder pads; they could be at least twice as big.

Have fun fighting Overtkill in space. Maybe you and Cyberforce can team up.

Aaron said...


Sitha said...

Ayyyy, wat's wrong with Cyberforce?
(In a highly nostalgic read-this-in-highschool-because-it-was-veryVERY-shiny sort of way, natch.)

I likes the armor with the planetoid in the backdrop, looks like watercolor to me.

Hope your head stops raging at you soon, dude :(

Sara said...

sadly, i read worse crap than cyberforce. ...wet. works. what was wrong with me? why didn't anyone step in and help??

ah well. as sitha said: SHINY.