Friday, February 19, 2010

misplaced (?) euphoria

feeling cheery inclines me to playing with colors and textures. that is my justification for this abstract thing.

it is sunny, warm, and friday. i'm sure i'll find something to be upset about soon, but today is good!


String said...

Oh, like this one...snowed here last night...WILL IT EVER END?

Sitha said...

Thirty more days of snoooooooooooow.

Yeah, I took a second look at this one, and it STILL brings back the visual joy of looking at worn fair rides that have been painted over and over... and that means it reminds me of SUMMER. Which is good :)

usedtobewitty said...

A happy Sara? Really?

I like this one a lot too. If you haven't noticed I'm a big fan of your abstract things.