Thursday, January 21, 2010

the wastelands 1

... the lesson i learned today was: do not open corel-made images in photoshop. photoshop will eat all color information, suck it, as it were, from the file, and that will be that. i am obviously a corel newb.

sooo... that's my excuse for not including tripody creepy crawlies into this here picture that has issues as it stands. stupid photoshop.

(this was done, and then redone, in corel with the watercolors... i think it's kinda obvious that i have no idea what i'm doing.)


Laura said...

Well, I for one know what it looks like you're doing - having fun, darn it :D

Sara said...

darn right! there's nothin like the combo of drawing mindlessly and learning a new program. good times! :D