Saturday, January 30, 2010


feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.

there's an earlier version of this drawing, done about 4 years ago, in which i'm hugging a stuffed cerebus doll instead of fone bone. i gotta say, this change is probably for the best, as cerebus would cut me in half as soon as look at me and fone is a sweetheart.

i should probably add that, while stuffed cerebuses do not exist (as far as i know), i do have a fone bone who is this size. i loves him.


String said...

-although I don't post every time I am enjoying your series!

Sitha said...

There can be no stress when there is Fone Bone! :D

Sara said...

thanks string!!

sitha: no kidding. i just hug him and hug him and feel better. he is way more equipped to handle my stress-level than human beings. :)

Oy said...

Fone Bone bites that which I cannot.