Saturday, January 16, 2010


does it still exude the truthness of its truth of being equipment if the pair of boots is recognizable as fashion?

(and i can assure you that this IS a pair)


Anonymous said...

Of course, except you're just a little off-center. Its truthness as boots (its "bootness" or its "bootyness") persists beyond its truth as either utility or fashion.

The source of usage truth is the individual who engages with the boots at a discrete point in time. Also, the truths of equipment and fashion are not natural opposites. One might regard these truths as separate elements in the relationship between boot and person, but this does not eradicate the fused fashion-equipment truth that results from the interpolation of person and boot.

Rock your booty phenomenology, Pair Of Boots. We walk in your leathery emanation.

- M.

Sara said...

for the record, the above is the greatest comment to anything ever. no one knows how to follow that act!
pure. awesome.

Anonymous said...

haha! thanks! :)

- Monica